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“Refuse to have sex with men”: Bette Midler’s response to new Texas law

“Refuse to have sex with men”: Bette Midler’s response to new Texas law

Bette Midler has advised women to not have sex with men following the recent introduction of strict abortion laws in the US state of Texas.

Midlers’ stern statement comes as the new law renders abortions “illegal” after six weeks.

“I suggest that all women refuse to have sex with men until they are guaranteed the right to choose by Congress,” Midler tweeted.

High profile stars shared their praise for Midler’s stance, with singer Nancy Sinatra, Frank Sinatra’s daughter, replying “my dad actually suggested that decades ago”.

Midler continued to speak about the issue, writing, “this isn’t about guns, speech, money or war. It’s about women, their lives, their bodies, and their autonomy.”

“That’s what allowed the court to do shoddy work, with careless disregard, because who’s going to stop it? They only did the thing in the dead of night, without care or effort, because they believe women are so used to being gaslit that of course, they’ll just tolerate it,” she said.

“They did the thing in the dead of night, without care or effort because they genuinely believe that they’re only women, and they deserve what they get.”

The new law, known as SB8, prohibits abortions beyond the point where medical professionals can detect cardiac activity, which usually occurs at around six weeks, before some women know they’re pregnant.

The law also does not make exceptions for those who are pregnant as a result of incest or rape.

Private citizens are allowed to sue abortion clinics if they suspect them of performing illegal abortions under the new law.

Many celebrities have spoken out against the bill, with singer P!nk writing, “I stand in solidarity with people in (Texas) who, as of today, face an extreme 6-week abortion ban”.

“The ban… will be the blueprint for bans across the US. Unless we do something about it,” she added.

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria Baston wrote: “It’s pretty simple. We should all be able to make decisions about our health & future.

“But between (Texas’) extreme abortion ban & states passing a record number of abortion restrictions this year, we have to fight for everyone’s reproductive freedom.”

The outcry from Midler and other celebrities comes as the US Justice Department sues Texas over the new law, arguing the law was enacted “in open defiance of the Constitution”.

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