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Woman horrified to find who’s hoodie she wore for a whole week

Woman horrified to find who’s hoodie she wore for a whole week

A UK woman has shared an awkward experience online, after she discovered an item of clothing she had been wearing didn’t belong to her boyfriend, but to someone else entirely.

Comedian Fern Brady tweeted about the experience, saying she had been “wearing my boyfriend’s hoodie around the house for the last week” - yet was told it wasn’t his when she tried to give it back.

She soon came to the realisation that she had picked up a hoodie belonging to a builder working at their home.

“Realised with horror I’ve been wearing our builder’s hoodie,” she wrote. “In front of the builder.”

She later tweeted: “I had a little sleep in it at one point. Came out of my room. Said good morning to the builder. Wearing his clothes.”

After realising her mistake, Brady said she threw the hoodie into the room the builder was working on, later finding it had been placed in their living room.

“What does it mean? Am I going out with the builder now?” she wrote in a follow-up tweet.

“He’s pretty old.”

Hundreds of people have since commented on her post, with many sharing similar stories.

“When I was a kid we had a painter doing some inside painting. He wore inside trainers while painting and when he finished he couldn’t find his outside shoes. My dad went down to the pub wearing the painters shoes,” one person recounted.

One woman recalled leaving a note for her dad which read: “Thank you, love you x” after he stayed at her house to let a carpenter in while she was at work.

“He didn’t move the note when he left the carpenter to do the work. The carpenter wrote back…”

“Hi Holly. Left you what’s left of the stain if you need to touch up at any point! Sam. Nice Biscuits.”

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