Woman’s investigation after finding a tampon in her boyfriend’s room goes viral

Woman’s investigation after finding a tampon in her boyfriend’s room goes viral

A young woman on TikTok has gone viral after sharing the story of her investigation into the owner of an unused tampon in her boyfriend’s bedroom.

Lois Sanders posted about finding a tampon and mascara underneath her boyfriend’s wardrobe, saying, “There's a tampon and a mascara under Finn's wardrobe and he's in denial that he's had a girl here.

“I'm not even joking it's right there. There's not enough dust on it to be old.” The video shows Sanders peering underneath the wardrobe as her boyfriend looks on.

Determined to find out where the tampon came from and when it had rolled under the wardrobe, Sanders emailed Tampax with the product code, and to her surprise, they quickly responded, informing her that the product was made on December 11, 2019.

She later took to TikTok to clear things up, explaining that it was her first time in his university accommodation and she wasn’t just there to have a snoop. “He was facing the wardrobe and then I went backwards upside down and I could see under the wardrobe and I was like ‘what the hell is that?’,” she said in the video.

Sanders also explained that the pair weren’t officially together at that point and had just been talking for a few months, but she “wanted to make sure everything was fine”. Finn, her boyfriend, explained that being a university house, girls had lived in the room before he moved in.

Ending on a happy note, Sanders said, “To this day, we’ll never know. He says it wasn’t him and I believe him and we actually are together to this day so very happy ending actually.”

Many people were quick to praise Sanders for her investigative work, while others were taken aback by the “crazy behaviour” she exhibited. One commenter summarised how many were feeling when they wrote, ”I’m not sure if this is genius or borderline psycho”.

Image: TikTok

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