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Woman "stuck" in the body of a child reveals dating problems

Woman "stuck" in the body of a child reveals dating problems

A woman who says she is "stuck" in the body of a child has revealed the extraordinary measures she must take in the dating world. 

Shauna Rae measures 1.16m in height, making her the average height of an 8-year-old. 

However, the US woman is actually 22 years of age, and had her growth stunted by chemotherapy when she was young. 

In an interview with People ahead of the release of her upcoming TV show I am Shauna Rae, Shauna said he has to take extra precautions when it comes to her dating life. 

“I have to have in-person conversations before we even think about going on a date. I have to know how this person reacts in public areas,” she said.

“I have to know if they’re going to be able to deal with all the issues I have, because I can’t date someone unless they can take all of that on. And it’s a lot to ask someone to take on.”

Despite her best efforts to meet her soulmate, Shauna said her "romantic life sucks".

“I think I’ve dated like seven people. I attract creeps, a-holes – you know the typical ‘bad boy picture’ situation – and idiots,” she said.

In the trailer for her new series, Shauna is seen meeting a man for a blind date, with the man thinking he is being pranked when she shows up.

When Shauna was just six-months-old, she was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer and underwent chemotherapy treatment. 

“My pituitary gland was rendered almost dormant because of the chemotherapy,” Shauna says in the trailer.

“The doctor told me I was done growing. My bones were fused, and my height is three feet and 10 inches (1.16m).”

Shauna admitted to People that when she stopped growing at age 16, the revelation was "like a hammer crashing into glass".

“It was a very difficult time,” she said.

“It probably was the lowest time of my life, because I always imagined that I would be tall.”

After spending time devoted to "bettering" herself, Shauna has learned to look on the bright side of life, and has come to terms with her size. 

“Being positive is just the best advice I can give, because at the end of the day, the only person that controls how you feel is yourself,” she said.

Check out the trailer for I Am Shauna Rae here. 

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