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Reader’s Respond: What’s different about growing up today from when you were growing up?

Reader’s Respond: What’s different about growing up today from when you were growing up?

We asked you to take a trip down memory and reminisce about what has changed since growing up. 

From walking to school alone to not having social media, neighbours being like family to the point of not having to lock your front door – here are just some of the amazing and touching memories you shared. 

Faye Birtwistle - Safety. We were able to walk to school safely. Doors were never locked, you were able to sleep out on the veranda, neighbours were like family, we were taught respect for parents teachers police and adults.

John Barbuto - We were very lucky there was no unsocial media, we actually spoke to each other. 

Yvonne Vishnich - We had boundaries and rules to abide by, if we didn't conform there was a punishment, grounded or not allowed something that was wanted. Manners had to be used and no answering back.

Marje Brugel - We weren't reliant on technology and the need to constantly communicate. We wrote letters by hand and we relied on our own ability rather than a calculator. If our parents said "No", we knew they meant it and stress-related illness was rarely heard of.

Jenni Champion - We were safe playing outside, no mobile phones, no TV, radios and used our imagination.

Christine Rennie - Family values. Spending time together and grandparents were a special part of the family unit...sadly not anymore.

Carolyn Zillman - So much stress in children’s lives today. We just lived our lives really not knowing what was going on around us. We enjoyed being kids knowing our parents were looking after us. The pressure on children today is tremendous and everything is so expensive to be involved in.

Joy Flint - We had so much freedom after school and enjoyed playing without TV or internet always obeyed parents and teachers. 

Samantha Elliott - I didn't get a phone until I was 11, we spent most days outside, played with our cousins and went swimming once a week.

Sharon Hemus - We had freedom to be kids.

Patricia Phillips-Johnson - Fewer choices, you ate at meals no matter what it was…no snacks, no screens, you wore what was on the chair…generally hand me downs.

Sue Smith - We spent more time outside playing seeing friends.

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