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Readers Respond: What is something you liked to do as a teenager that's irrelevant today?

Readers Respond: What is something you liked to do as a teenager that's irrelevant today?

Life really comes at you quickly. One day you’re out laughing with a few mates after work then BAM, you’re retired and have all the time for whatever you want.

It got us thinking here in the office, we’re quite a young team and it wasn’t that long ago that we were teenagers. 

But something that we really liked doing that is irrelevant today is having dial-up internet. Another said she misses playing Snake on a brick Nokia phone. 

So we decided to get a glimpse into the life of our audience and see what is something you liked to do as a teenager that’s irrelevant today. 

Check them out below. 

Deborah Buchanan - Put iridescent posters on my bedroom walls, turn the black UV light on and listen to Iron Butterfly.

Shirleyand Trevor Wilson - We would go to a dance in a country hall starting at 8 and finishing at midnight. If anyone wanted to drink alcohol they had to be a certain distance away, not sure how far. The girls would sit around the hall and the boy's stood together at the back of the hall and when the music for dance started they would choose which girl to ask. They would have a ladies choice a couple of times and the girl could go and pick out who she would like to dance with.

Jeanette Doherty - Listen to the short wave radio that my brother made whilst I was lying in bed. Got the best reception at night!

Margaret Inglis - Go out to clubs and get home at 4am. Now I'm waking at 4am and going to sleep when I get home.

Gwen Gibbs - Drive in movies and local dances Friday and Saturday nights, some even had supper.

Chris Thomas - Listen to the radio and call in requests that were then put to air.

Teresa Hamilton Gross - Write letters to my cousin in Indiana. It was long distance to call on the telephone and very expensive.

Pamela Kinloch - Have friends over just to sit around and listen to records.

Dianne Parlor - Going to the local milk bar and dancing to the music from the jukebox.

Elizabeth Lussetich – Anticipation of everything. No technology so you would bike it in order to talk to a friend.

Janette Nelson - Had five pen pals in different countries, loved writing to them and getting letters from them.

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