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Readers respond: What is the best thing about growing older?

Readers respond: What is the best thing about growing older?

We asked our readers to tell us the best thing about growing up and your responses were surprising. 

From simply being alive and healthy to see another day, to spending more time with the family and great grandchildren, here are just a few of your amazing responses.

Barbara Damp - Not being worried about what other people think of you!

Jennifer Waldron - Just waking up each day and knowing you are alive! Then enjoying that day.

Bernadette Foley - Freedom to do what you want, freedom to spend quality time with family and friends and finally freedom to be happy with your life because of the choices you have made!!

Jean Kavanagh - Experience, also at my nursing home, all meals provided, no dishes, feet up, even bed making, although I do my own washing, I also do mine.

Susan Graham - Retrospectively every age is an adventurous journey that you just get better at navigating.

Sherrill Fletcher Brock - Freedom to do as you choose.

Narain Lodha - Old age is for relaxation, rest and retrospection.

Thomas Gadsden - Maybe just being realistic, about the future!

Johanna Shakes - Doing whatever you want and having the knowledge to do it!!!!

Vanessa Maloy - Wearing sleeveless tops and dresses and not caring if my bat wings wobble or not wearing make up if I don't feel like it.

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