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Why does the Queen celebrate her birthday twice?

Why does the Queen celebrate her birthday twice?

Queen Elizabeth is set to continue her reign as the longest-serving British monarch as she turned 94 yesterday.

While most people mark their birthdays just once a year, the Queen celebrates on two different days.

But why does the monarch celebrate the occasion twice?

Here’s why.

The Queen’s birthday is on April 21, but she also celebrates on the second Saturday in June. This year, it will fall on June 13.

Why does she celebrate her birthday twice? It’s all because of British weather.

In 1748, George II brought about the tradition to celebrate the King or Queen’s birthday twice. The King, who was born in November, felt the weather was too cold and wet during that time of the year for his annual birthday parade.

Which is why he combined his birthday event with the annual military parade, Trooping the Colour.

Ever since then, British monarchs have celebrated their “official” birthdays in the summer months.

Although in the same month, the Queen’s birthday doesn’t have a set date, only that it is celebrated on the second Saturday of June. This changed from Thursday in 1959 for convenience purposes.

Her birthday won’t be celebrated as usual this year due to coronavirus, but usually, it is marked by gun salutes and Trooping the Colour, a tradition in which the Queen inspects her troops in a military pageantry parade.

She usually appears on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with other members of the royal family, making for an iconic annual photo.

But because of the pandemic, the Queen will hold an intimate celebration with the Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor Castle.

There will be no alternative celebrations to mark the day in a special way, although it’s expected she will privately receive video calls from family.