Fri, 8 Jan, 2021

"Absolutely overwhelmed": Devastated mum grieves for her sons while in ICU

"Absolutely overwhelmed": Devastated mum grieves for her sons while in ICU

Shayleen Frail, the mum of two young boys who were killed in a hit and run crash, is devastated and trying to recover from serious injuries she sustained from the incident.

She lost her sons, aged six and seven after they were struck by a car at high speed while walking home from the local swimming pool in Wellington.

She was with them and sustained serious injuries which led to her being airlifted to Sydney hospital.

Frail has suffered a punctured lung, a fractured knee and a spinal injury, but no permanent serious injuries.

“Shayleen says ‘thank you from the bottom of my broken heart for all your kindness and well wishes’,” a post on social media said.

The post also confirmed that she was in a stable condition in the ICU after having her breathing tube removed.

Shayleen also requested that people stop sharing news articles or pictures of her sons as well as asking for privacy as she recovers in the hospital.

However, she did approve one GoFundMe page, as she was "overwhelmed" by the support.

"I’ve edited this post to add that it’s ok to continue to share the GoFund Me page," said the organiser Rebecca Clarke.

"Shay knows that there is a picture attached to it. She had a quick scroll through the donors list today and couldn’t believe that so many people, including so many people who she doesn’t know, have donated to the cause.

"She was absolutely overwhelmed at the support. I was also able to read a couple of your messages out to her today which lifted her spirits, so please continue to send your well wishes and I will try my best to read them out to her."

At least three GoFundMe pages have been established to assist the mother and father in their recovery and have collectively raised more than $65,000.

The driver of the hit and run Jacob Donn was driving without a licence and made no application for bail when he appeared in Dubbo Local Court on 14 charges, including failing to stop and assist, possessing prohibited drugs and dangerous driving occasioning death.