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Thu, 18 Nov, 2021

Former William Tyrrell lead detective under fire

Former William Tyrrell lead detective under fire

Former detective Gary Jubelin has broken his silence after criticism arose on the previous handling of the William Tyrrell case. 

Jubelin, who was the lead the investigation into William's disappearance when he first went missing in 2014, spoke to Ben Fordham on 2GB to clear his name from recent criticism of the case. 

Gary who has since left the NSW Police, felt compelled to come forward after Commissioner Mick Fuller said this week the Tyrrell investigation had been left in "a bit of a mess".

Gary Jubelin claimed there was not "one ounce" of criticism against him during his handling of the case, and explained that he followed all proceedings and filed regular update reports that were passed up the chain of command. 

However, the recent criticism of the case motivated him to speak out. 

"When there's criticism that came out, that came out from the Commissioner, that we were chasing people who proved to be not suspects - what really frustrates me about that is the lack of understanding of what a homicide investigation is," Mr Jubelin said.

"You've got to investigate everyone."

He went on to say he supports police efforts as the investigation remains on going and new searches are underway. 

"I'm not being critical of the police, I encourage the police. If they've got a line of inquiry, I challenge them to follow it up to the nth degree."

William Tyrrell's foster mother was recently named a person of interest in the boy's disappearance, as police continue their search efforts around the town of Kendall where the three-year-old disappeared seven years ago.

Image credits: Getty Images / NSW Police - PR Image

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