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Thu, 7 Oct, 2021

"He's not allowed": Why Kyle has banned Perrottet from coming on the show

"He's not allowed": Why Kyle has banned Perrottet from coming on the show

Just hours after Dominic Perrottet landed the top job of NSW premier, radio host Kyle Sandilands banned him from the KIIS FM show. 

While Kyle and co-host Jackie O were speaking with a celebrity psychic live on air, Kyle made the bold claims about the new premier. 

The trio were discussing widespread concerns about the premier's conservative views, with psychic Georgina Walker calling him a "strong leader", before predicting it is unlikely he will be popular within the state. 

During the segment, Kyle announced he didn't like Perrottet's "vibe".

“Oh this guy’s gotta go, he’s never allowed on the show guys, just so you know,” he told listeners.

“He’s not allowed, I don’t want that rubbish.”

Ms Walker said the new Premier would “reform quite hard”.

“I do tend to think his own personal ideology could see some significant changes in the laws to come,” she told the radio hosts.

“I think he will be a really good leader, but I think he will ruffle a lot of feathers in regard to his strong religious belief centres."

“He’s not into gay marriage (and) he doesn’t believe in abortion.”

“What do you get when you look at that man’s photo?” Sandilands asked Ms Walker.

Georgina said he would be a strong leader and would not be “soft” or as “supportive” as Gladys Berejiklian when it came to certain social issues.

“If you look at things that Gladys was soft on or was supportive (of), you’re not going to get that from him,” Ms Walker said.

“It’s going to be tough when he’s made up his mind. But I do tend to think there’s no other person who can do what he needs to do, but he won’t be that popular.”

Georgina Walker also made some surprising predictions about the future of Gladys Berejiklian. 

“I think she’ll get out of it (ICAC investigation) and I think she will go into federal politics.”

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