He wasn’t alone: Calls for passenger in Oatlands crash to be charged

He wasn’t alone: Calls for passenger in Oatlands crash to be charged

There are calls for Samuel Davidson’s passenger to be charged as an accessory to manslaughter following the Saturday crash that left four children dead.

Davidson has been charged with 20 offences including four counts of manslaughter after he ran over seven children with his Mitsubishi Triton 4WD in the Sydney suburb of Oatlands. Siblings Sienna, Angelina and Antony Abdallah died at the scene along with their cousin Veronique Sakr.

The 29-year-old driver was allegedly three times the legal blood alcohol limit during the incident.

Victims advocate Howard Brown is calling for Davidson’s 24-year-old passenger to be charged as an accomplice.

Speaking to 10 News First, Brown said the passenger broke the law by allowing intoxicated Davidson to drive a car.

“If you’re breaking the law you should be brought before the courts and dealt with accordingly,” Brown said.

“We’ve lost four lives here and three people have been seriously injured. We have to send a very clear message.”

Brown said he also supports the emerging calls for zero blood-alcohol laws in Australia. “We have to grow up. My own view is that we should go to .02 but the bottom line is... if we can’t handle our alcohol we’re going to have to change the rules,” he said.

“We need to understand we are going to lose 60 to 70 people this year due to death in motor vehicles, arising from the consumption of alcohol.”

Davidson remains in custody after his bail was refused earlier this week. His case has been adjourned until April.