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Fri, 29 Jul, 2022

Icon from The Wombles dies

Icon from The Wombles dies

British actor Bernard Cribbins has died at the age of 93.

The beloved actor is best known for his voiceover role in the popular television series The Wombles and Doctor Who.

Devastating news of his passing was confirmed on Thursday in a statement from his agent who described Cribbins as "unique, typifying the best of his generation. 

"Beloved actor Bernard Cribbins OBE has passed away at the age of 93," the statement read.

"His career spanned seven decades with such diverse work ranging from films like The Railway Children and the Carry On series, hit 60s song Right Said Fred, a notorious guest on Fawlty Towers and narrating The Wombles.

"He worked well into his 90s, recently appearing in Doctor Who and the CBeebies series Old Jack's Boat.

“He will be greatly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing and working with him.”

Former Doctor Who stars David Tennant and showrunner Russell T Davies shared statements following news of Cribbins passing. 

"Sad news that Bernard Cribbins has passed away," Tennant wrote on Twitter.

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A post shared by Russell T Davies (@russelltdavies63)

“Bernard Cribbins (1928-2022) I love this man. I love him. That’s him as Snout in A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Davies’ post began.

“D’you fancy doing some Shakespeare, Bernard? ‘Let me see the script.’ He knew everyone! 

“He’d talk about the Beatles and David Niven, and how he once sat on the stairs at a party impersonating bird calls with T H White. Then he’d add, ‘I said to Ashley Banjo last week…’ 

“He loved being in Doctor Who. He said, ‘Children are calling me grandad in the street!’ His first day was on location with Kylie Minogue, but all eyes, even Kylie’s, were on Bernard. 

“He’d turned up with a suitcase full of props, just in case, including a rubber chicken. And what an actor. 

“Oh, really though, what a wonderful actor. We once took him to the TV Choice Awards and sent him up on his own to collect the award, and the entire room stood up and cheered him. That’s a lovely memory. 

“He’d phone up and say, ‘I’ve got an idea! What if I attack a Dalek with a paintball gun?!’ Okay, Bernard, in it went! 

“He loved Gill with all his heart; he mentioned her in every conversation we ever had. A love story for the ages. I’m so lucky to have known him. 

“Thanks for everything, my old soldier. A legend has left the world.”

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