Wed, 9 Sep, 2020

RECALL WARNING: Popular antiseptic creams stripped from shelves

RECALL WARNING: Popular antiseptic creams stripped from shelves

13 popular first-aid creams will be taken off shelves on September 18 after it was found that the active ingredient in the creams has caused severe reactions in those who are allergic to Bufexamac.

People have had severe allergic reactions and can suffer from extreme rashes and in some cases hospitalisation.

Kylie Johnson from Canberra purchased a tube of Medi Quattro to treat a small patch of dry skin but ended up being in the hospital for six days.

"I had like a really itchy red rash all over my neck, it was coming up my face and you could kind of see it grow," Ms Johnson told A Current Affair

"It didn't work and it just kept getting worse, the rash kept growing which is really terrifying."

She was treated like a burns victim as she was placed under a space blanket and sedated as pain medication was not working.

She feared the worst and at one point thought she would have to "look at my will to see if it's alright".

The 13 creams with Bufexamac as an active ingredient will no longer be sold as of September 18, 2020 – so be sure to check labels carefully.

"Consumers and health professionals are advised that first aid creams containing bufexamac will be removed from the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) on 18 September 2020 and will no longer be sold in Australia," the TGA website read.   

"TGA has determined that, based on our assessment and independent advice from the Advisory Committee on Medicines (ACM) the safety and effectiveness of bufexamac-containing products are unacceptable. 

"Bufexamac is associated with a risk of serious skin reactions (also known as allergic contact dermatitis). 

"The TGA has also determined that there is inadequate evidence that the bufexamac ingredient in these products is effective."