Sarah Ristevski’s shocking revelation over father who killed wife

Sarah Ristevski’s shocking revelation over father who killed wife

Wife killer Borce Ristevski has refused to admit exactly what he did to his wife, Karen, before he bundled her body into a car and drove her to Macedon Regional Park, northwest of Melbourne.

Her remains were found eight months later.

Ristevski was charged with the murder of his wife of 27 years a short time later.

In an interview with Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes, the daughter of the accused killer and slain mother, Sarah, has opened up about confronting her father after he was accused of the horrendous crime.

In a promotional video released ahead of Sunday’s sit-down, 60 Minutes journalist Liz Hayes asked if Sarah had questioned Borce on the killing.

“Even after he was charged, did you ask him, ‘Dad, did you do this?’” Hayes probed.

After a brief pause, Sarah responds: “I asked him.”

“You asked him what?” Hayes queries.

“If he had anything to do with it,” Sarah says.

Sarah was 21 years old when her mother Karen was killed in 2016, and admitted she never strays from her thoughts.

“She’s on my mind all the time. I can’t get it out of my head,” she said.

While Karen was missing, Borce told police she went for a walk and never returned.

He was a pallbearer at her funeral, playing the grieving husband, and would later be charged with her murder.

Borce was set to stand trial, but the murder charge was dropped in March of 2019, before he entered a guilty plea of manslaughter.

He was initially sentenced to nine years in prison before it was decided he deserved a harsher punishment and he was handed a longer sentence of 13 years.

After Borce pleaded guilty, Sarah supported her father and went on to provide him with a “glowing reference”.

Despite nine of her relatives providing victim impact statements, Sarah chose not to.

Other family members have spoken out against Borce in recent months.

“It was very uncomfortable to watch as he manipulated his family,” Karen’s aunt Patricia Gray told the court, alleging Borce “bullied Sarah into defending him”.

The cause of Karen’s death continues to remain unknown, as her body was found eight months after she was killed, when horticulturalists happened to stumble upon the remains.