Melody Teh


Thu, 4 Aug, 2022

Why you should never refrigerate your bread

Why you should never refrigerate your bread

What do you with leftover bread? Do you wrap it in plastic and keep it in the fridge? Well, despite everything you’ve been told, if you want to keep your bread fresher for longer that’s not the way to do it.

Food website Serious Eats broke down the science behind why, explaining that as the bread cools after being baked, its starches will regroup back to the original, crystallised state that causes bread to harden and grow stale. Putting the bread in the fridge actually accelerates the process and the bread becomes stale much faster.

So what should we be doing with our bread?

Freeze it! Freezing slows down the recrystallisation process of bread so wrap it in an airtight bag or container, store bread in the freezer and let it thaw completely before eating it.

Or you can buy unsliced bread, as a bread’s shelf life is reduce once it’s cut. Cut off what you want to eat and if you’re going to be eating the bread in the next few days, place the loaf cut-side down against the table.

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