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Fri, 19 Nov, 2021

William Tyrrell investigation unearths potential new evidence

William Tyrrell investigation unearths potential new evidence

NSW Police have been spotted bagging potential new evidence at the search site in Kendall as the investigation into William Tyrrell's disappearance continues. 

Investigators were seen placing a small piece of cloth into an evidence bag on the fifth day of renewed search efforts for the missing child. 

The potential evidence was reportedly found while scouring a piece of bushland on Batar Creek Rd, about a kilometre from the Kendall home where William was last seen.

The cloth was bagged close to a nearby creek, which is being drained as a part of the ongoing search. 

A police spokesperson at the scene said the cloth was light blue in colour and measured about 8x8cm. 

The potential evidence will be sent off for testing, as police continue a range of new tactics in their search. 

This is only the second time in the past five days that police on site have been seen bagging potential evidence, as two pieces of seemingly degraded material were collected on Wednesday. 

Investigators have produced a sample of a Spider-Man costume - the same outfit William was last seen in - ands used it to compare against the threads found. 

A police spokesperson said it could be days before the test results from the items are confirmed.

Joining the search near the creek for any evidence of William's disappearance if hydrologist Professor Jon Olley, who found murdered Queensland schoolboy Daniel Morcombe’s remains in 2011.

Jon, along with NSW Police, have bee searching through the mud for any clues that relate to William's disappearance.

A NSW Police spokesperson told draining nearby water sources is standard practice in these types of searches.

Investigators have temporarily wrapped up the site in black tarps in an attempt to protect it from anticipated storms.

Image credits: Channel Nine 

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