Discover the new alternative to nursing homes which provides a kinder care solution for your parent

Discover the new alternative to nursing homes which provides a kinder care solution for your parent

An innovative new care approach which is centred around delivering personalised solutions and choice is attracting interest from families who don’t want to see their loved ones move into a nursing home.

The Aspire Aged Care model is based at LDK’s six-hectare Greenway Views seniors living complex at Tuggeranong, Canberra.

Stage one of Greenway Views was delivered at the end of 2019 and includes 210 apartments and a wide range of community facilities. Stage two is due to be completed later in 2021 and will include additional apartments and a beautiful new alfresco bar and entertainment area.

Aspire Aged Care is co-located within Greenway Views and has 117 beautifully appointed apartments providing the same level of care as a nursing home, but within the vibrant village community.

Apartments at Aspire Aged Care have a modern and attractive interior design.
Within Aspire Aged Care, residents live in their own homes and receive tailored care services from registered nurses and care staff, who are on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

This is a different approach to that commonly found in nursing homes, in which residents are effectively seen as patients under medical care and therefore part of an institution.

“Before we launched Aspire Aged Care, we conducted research to gauge what consumers were looking for,” LDK CEO Bryon Cannon said. 

“Not only did they want certainty and transparency when downsizing, they also didn’t want to go to a nursing home and wanted to stay at home for as long as possible. 

"The consumer has changed significantly in the last few decades, so what might have been acceptable for the consumer before might not be suitable for the baby boomers and their families of today.”

Modern and spacious apartments and latest technology

The modern and spacious studio and one-bedroom apartments in Aspire Aged Care feature their own kitchen, laundry and balcony, with residents having a key to their front door and plenty of space for their own treasured belongings.  

The apartments at Aspire Aged Care include a kitchen, laundry and balcony
In a move that has been very popular among residents, the apartments are also pet-friendly.

Each well-appointed apartment provides privacy and views of the lush natural surroundings as well as access to all Greenway View’s onsite amenities and communal areas. 

This ensures residents and their families can enjoy the vibrancy of a village environment, while having immediate access to the highest quality of customised care.

Innovative and unobtrusive technology is designed to provide peace of mind and a safe environment for residents and their families.

Thoughtful design features include responsive circadian lighting to assist the wellbeing of dementia residents and passive sensor monitoring and emergency response systems for immediate assistance.

Apart from the physical features, Aspire Aged Care residents and their families are also benefiting from LDK’s customer-centered values and the company’s commitment to staffing excellence.

“Our staff must align to the company's culture of Love, Decency and Kindness, which makes up our LDK name,” Mr Cannon said.

"We focus very heavily on culture.

“We model our business on being a genuine people-first business.

“We care for people, and our people care for people, so we need to invest a lot of time and resources into developing our workforce and have their values align to the values of the business, our purpose and our vision. 

“If we have an engaged workforce, we can deliver the best resident outcomes, and that's what we strive for."

Aspire Aged Care residents live in a village environment

Aspire Aged Care offers all levels of care, including palliative and end of life care, dementia care and private respite care. It also includes a comprehensive activity and lifestyle program for residents.

This is part of LDK’s “One Move Promise”, which effectively means residents won’t need to move outside of the village for care reasons.

Testimonials for Aspire Aged Care

Despite only opening in early 2020, resident and family testimonials are already rolling in for the Aspire Aged Care model.

“I’ve had a bit of experience looking in nursing home as a legatee for the last 26 years, it wasn’t what I wanted for my wife,” said Jim Quick.

“I saw the advertising for LDK and come over to look.

“I was very impressed with the model, I was back within two days to pay a deposit.

“We chose to come here for the care that’s available, which in seven months we have found to be faultless.”

“We looked at a few nursing homes and retirement villages and were very discouraged by what we saw and what seemed to be available,” said Nancy Cogan.

“One day I saw an advertisement in the paper for LDK, what popped out at me was the one move promise, that’s what brought us here.”

“Since moving in there was an immediate increase in the care available for my husband.”


At LDK, we know every individual’s ageing journey is different. 

That’s why we partner with each resident to tailor a care plan to suit their individual needs, wishes and preferences.

The Aspire Aged care offering is simple, providing services and support in the privacy and comfort of your own home, delivered with Love, Decency and Kindness.

Find out more about Aspire Aged Care here. 

This article was made in partnership with Aspire Aged Care

Interior photo of an Aspire Aged Care apartment

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