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3 surprise benefits of heated towel racks in summer

3 surprise benefits of heated towel racks in summer

During the colder months, nothing beats stepping out of the shower and pulling a freshly warmed towel off the rack.

But, heated towel racks are useful beyond chilly winter mornings. 

Here are three reasons they can be just as useful during humid summer months too.

1. Beat the humidity

Though using a heated towel rack in summer sounds pointless, the racks actually work to dry rather than warm towels - a godsend when high humidity strikes.

Drying your towel in humidity can be difficult when it’s still damp from the previous day, that extra bit of drying power can ensure your towel is ready to use when you hit the shower again.

Some towel racks also come with temperature control, meaning you can lower the temperature on hot days and still enjoy your freshly dried towels.

2. Save on your energy bill and water use

According to Bathroom Butler Australia, a producer of heated towel racks, towels dried on a rack don’t require washing as regularly as air-dried towels. As a result, you can both save hours on doing laundry and reduce how much water you use.

Plus, heated towel racks can be used to dry more than just towels and can help you cut down on using the dryer for clothing items such as swimmers and underwear.

3. Stop mould in its tracks

Hot showers produce a surprising amount of moisture that even bathroom fans can’t quite combat effectively, leading to mould.

Unfortunately, damp fabrics stored in the bathroom - such as towels - aren’t as safe from mould as we might think.

Unless your bathroom is well-ventilated, using a heated towel rack can ensure your towels stay mould-free.

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