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4 ways to clean your shower screen naturally

4 ways to clean your shower screen naturally

Whether your glass shower screen is covered in those irritating hazy grey spots or, in extreme cases, you can no longer see through it, now is the time to take action.

Best natural ways to clean shower glass

Start by slipping on your gloves, rinse the glass thoroughly with water, wipe it over with a soft sponge, then try one of these popular methods to bring back the shine.

1. Lemon shower cleaner

Pour straight lemon juice (freshly squeezed or bottled concentrate) onto a soft sponge. Wipe the dampened sponge over all the glass surfaces. Leave the lemon juice to work its magic for a few minutes. Thoroughly rinse away lemon juice with plenty of clean water or white vinegar then water. Dry glass to a shine with paper towel.

2. Vinegar shower spray

Bringing the shine back to shower screen is easy with cleaning vinegar. Pour white vinegar into a spray bottle. You may wish to dilute the vinegar up to 50/50 with water and add a squeeze of lemon for a fresh scent. Drench the glass surfaces with the vinegar solution. Leave for a few minutes then work over the stains with a soft sponge or soft-bristled brush. Apply more solution if necessary. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Dry glass to a shine with paper towel.

3. Baking soda shower scrub

For tougher stains, head to your pantry and pull out baking soda. Make a thick paste by mixing baking soda with a little water. Smear the paste over the glass using a dampened sponge or soft-bristled toothbrush (you should avoid using coarse brushes and scrubbers as they may scratch your glass). Pay more attention to stubborn stains, particularly around door hinges and framework. Rinse with clean water then dry glass to a shine with paper towel.

4. Toothpaste shower cleaning hack

Swap out the homemade baking soda and water paste for regular white toothpaste. While you can buy the most inexpensive toothpaste for the job, the best type of toothpaste to use is something with a simple ingredient list. Apply the paste to a dampened soft sponge, work it over the glass surfaces, then rinse with plenty of clean water. Repeat this process, if necessary. Dry glass thoroughly with paper towel. Ahh… minty fresh!

Best and easiest way to clean glass shower doors

If you are looking for something a little tougher, Cerapol Ceramic and Induction Stove Top cleaner to transform her cloudy glass shower screen, which had built-up soap scum.


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