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4 ways to dehumidify your home

4 ways to dehumidify your home

Normally welcomed in some parts of the country, the recent rain has brought an influx of another, spottier problem into our homes: mould.

Reducing the humidity in the air is one of the best ways to keep mould at bay - which has seen dehumidifiers become a hot commodity and a rare find.

But before you start on your quest to find one of those elusive devices, here are some simple DIY options you can try to stave off those pesky black spots.

1. Silica gel packets

Instead of throwing away these tiny sachets in your packets of food, new electronics, or bottles of vitamins, keep them in a plastic container and poke some holes in the lid to create your own dehumidifier.

The packets contain silicon dioxide in its gel form, which is made up of millions of tiny pores that can absorb and hold moisture.

Place the container wherever it’s needed and be sure to keep it out of reach of kids and pets.

2. Rock salt dehumidifier

Salt is another easy (and cheap) option for absorbing moisture - and all you’ll need to make your own rock salt dehumidifier is just two buckets and some salt.

First, cut some holes in the first bucket and place it inside the second bucket. Then, fill the first bucket with salt and it’s ready to use - though you will need to empty the outer bucket as it fills up with liquid.

3. Baking soda

Baking soda is just good for baking, and you can add dehumidifying to its list of handy uses.

It works best in small spaces, like the tops of wardrobes or cupboards, and is as simple as filling a small bowl with baking soda and replacing it as needed.

4. Plants

On top of adding some greenery to your spaces, certain kinds of plants can also reduce the amount of moisture in the air.

Plants with waxy or hairy leaves, such as cacti, or those with large leaves are your best choice, with top picks including peace lilies, lilacs, spider plants, aloe vera, English ivy, air plants and Boston ferns.

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