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5 clever uses for Christmas wrapping paper and cards

5 clever uses for Christmas wrapping paper and cards

After opening presents and reading cards from our loved ones and friends, we’re often left with piles of wrapping paper that need to be dealt with.

Rather than throwing it straight into the bin, some can be recycled or repurposed into items that have that little bit of sentimental value.

Here are five clever and crafty uses for your wrapping paper and cards this Christmas.


Image: One Good Thing by Jillee / onegoodthingbyjillee.com

An easy and cost-effective way to recycle wrapping paper, you can make the confetti just in time for any New Year’s parties or events you’ve planned. Just run the paper through a shredder or take to it with scissors and it’s ready to be used.

Drawer liners

Image: Making Home Base / makinghomebase.com

If you’re someone who meticulously unwraps your gifts or you have some spare paper lying around, this hack could be perfect for you. Simply follow this tutorial to line your drawers with the paper and give them a bright, new look with minimal effort.

Book wrappers

Image: Eighteen25 / eighteen25.com

In a similar vein to drawer liners, wrapping paper can also be used to brighten up your stationery. Follow this easy tutorial to give your planners, notebooks, and journals that extra bit of colour and personality.


Image: The Frugal Girls / thefrugalgirls.com

With this DIY project, you can turn your Christmas cards and discarded wrapping paper into a bookmark you can gift or keep for yourself. To make them, gather up your cards, a hole punch, and some ribbon, and follow this six-step tutorial. As for the wrapping paper, you can use it to add some extra decorations to your bookmarks.

Homemade envelopes

Image: Creative Green Living / creativegreenliving.com

Wrapping paper can also be repurposed to make envelopes. Whether you want to send friends letters or save them for birthday and Christmas cards, follow this tutorial to make envelopes that are even more personalised.

Image: Getty Images

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