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DIY gorgeous hanging decoration for less than $50

DIY gorgeous hanging decoration for less than $50

An enterprising Aussie woman has shared how she made a gorgeous wall decoration for under $50 using supplies from Bunnings and Spotlight.

When she discovered that designs similar to the one she wanted to make retailed for upwards of $180, Keira Rumble, owner of Krumbled Foods, decided to make have a go at making and hanging the decorations herself.

She made a trio of circular wall hangings using only three materials that cost a total of $47.40 and shared the DIY process with her 404,000 Instagram followers.

Rumble used Grunt Craft Raffia Rope, Command Medium Clear Adhesive Wall Hooks from Bunnings and bought three craft rings from Spotlight. 

Not only did she save money by making the decoration herself, she also enjoyed the creative design process.

But while the craft project was simple to make, Keira said the method was repetitive and time consuming complete.

'This makes it an easy project to multitask and do while watching television (I created mine whilst watching Schitts Creek on Netflix) or alternatively it's a great way to relax and unwind after a long day,' she wrote on Instagram.

How to make a wall decoration like Rumble’s:


4 x Grunt 100m Craft Raffia Rope 

2 x Command Medium Clear Adhesive Wall Hooks 

3 x craft rings from Spotlight


Step 1: Research to get your DIY inspiration on Pinterest and

Step 2: Start by measuring out your desired length for the raffia and cut into equal lengths. For a more organic look, each length of raffia doesn't need to be exact

Note to create a three-ring wall hanging like this, you'll need approximately four packets of 100m raffia rope

Step 3: Fold a piece of raffia in half and thread it through itself to attach to the ring. Continue repeating this until you've filled your ring. Remember to regularly bunch pieces of raffia you've threaded together tightly to create overlap - this will ensure your wall hanging is full and has enough volume

Step 4: To complete your wall hanging, trim the ends of the raffia (if required) to create a more even circular shape and hang on your chosen wall with a hook! 

She then stuck the adhesive wall hooks to the wall and placed the gorgeous decorations above her bed.

The social media post swiftly received more than 12,000 'likes' from Keira's followers who were more than impressed with the result and some were inspired to make the design themselves. 

Images: Keira Rumble / Instagram

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