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Household appliances that use the most energy

Household appliances that use the most energy

As the colder months are well and truly settling in, a lot of us are relying on our various devices and appliances to make winter a little easier. 

However, as energy bills continue to rise, it’s worth being aware of things in our home that leech more electricity than others and therefore drive our electricity bills even higher. 

With general household appliances being responsible for more than 30% of your energy consumption, it's reflecting on your daily usage habits of appliances, and making any substitutes where you can.

One of the main energy drains in most households are tumble dryers

While they are certainly a convenient purchase, dryers can drastically increase your electricity bill, as regularly using your clothes dryer can cost you anywhere from $100-$650 a year.

To cut down the costs of your dryer, only tumble dry your clothes when absolutely necessary, which is admittedly a lot easier said than done in winter. 

If you can hang out your clothes to dry them, take advantage of this option. 

Also, make sure you turn off your tumble dryer at the powerpoint when it’s not in use, as some dryers can still use energy even when they’re not being used. 

Another huge power drain is fridges, as they are in use 24 hours a day.

As we can’t go without a fridge, and can’t unplug it when it’s not in use (because it's always in use), it's important to pick the right fridge for your needs. 

Choosing a smaller fridge can help cut some electricity costs, as bigger units use more power to keep on. 

Also, look for the energy efficient stickers on fridges when making your purchase and decide accordingly. 

Air conditioning units and heaters can also contribute to almost 40% of your total energy bill, especially in times of extreme weather. 

For the sake of your electricity bill, it's best to limit the use of these appliances where you can and stay warm in other ways. Think electric blankets, cups of tea and only the cosiest slippers. 

And again, looking out for energy efficient stickers on these appliances when you’re buying them will help you save big bucks on your bills. 

Other smaller appliances such as TVs, computer monitors and even kettles are notorious for passively draining the electricity when they’re not being used. 

In order to prevent this accumulative energy drain, be sure to switch off these appliances at the powerpoint when you’re not using them, and your next electricity bill will thank you. 

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