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Unlikely product that makes grout sparkle with no scrubbing

Unlikely product that makes grout sparkle with no scrubbing

A TikToker has revealed an unlikely cleaning product typically used in the kitchen that is super effective at cleaning grout. In fact, you don’t even need to scrub it.

Azure MacCannell, who goes by the handle @livecomposed on TikTok, discovered the Healthier Home brand degreaser worked on her tiled floor after an accidental spill.

The video that shows how effective it was has gone viral with 3.5 million views.

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To use the degreaser as a cleaner Azure said she "poured it on. Let it sit one minute and just wiped it off."

The cleaning guru used a mop to wipe off the product after applying it to the floor. This cleaning tip has been liked 156,000 times and sparked plenty of discussion.

Some viewers revealed using degreaser as a grout cleaner is a well-known cleaning secret in the fast-food industry.

"Fast food places add degreaser to their mops all the time. It works," one TikToker said.

If you can't get your hands on the degreaser from Healthier Home, which doesn't appear to ship to Australia, other followers insist other degreasers will work just as well.

Like with any cleaning advice you see on TikTok you might want to test your degreaser on a small spot first, in case it's not suitable for your floors. It’s also best practice to read the information on the bottle, in case its not safe for use on particular materials.

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