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Cate Blanchett adds haunted English manor to real estate portfolio

Cate Blanchett adds haunted English manor to real estate portfolio

After letting go of all of her Sydney properties, Cate Blanchett has added a sprawling English manor to her real estate property.

The Australia actress, along with her playwright-director husband Andrew Upton, purchased the Highwell House in the UK for $6.25 million.

However, the home comes with its own dark history and sordid past and is revealed to have been a famous haunted house that also was a drug den, a meeting place for pagans and a notorious hide-out for criminals on the run.

The Victorian manor was built on the estate in 1890 and began to fall into disrepair in the early 2000s before it was refurbished in 2015.

While the home today carries an airy, luxurious yet subtle charm, the property was labelled as Britain’s 13th most creepy abandoned house in 2015.

A Facebook page dedicated to Highwell Estate, which was previously named Potters Manor House, is said to feature pictures from people who visited the home and claimed to have captured images of ghosts or spirits.

Reports say local residents are overjoyed to have Cate, Andrew, and their four children moving into the home as they believe it has made the home safer.

Scroll through the gallery to see the sprawling property in all its Victorian-style glory.