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Here’s your chance to live like a gangster in the Godfather mansion

Here’s your chance to live like a gangster in the Godfather mansion

Fans of The Godfather have the chance to live like a Corleone for a month, with the house featured in the iconic gangster movies opening its doors to one lucky person and up to four of their friends.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Francis Coppola’s The Godfather, AirBnb is offering up the Staten Island mansion featured in the films to rent for one month but there’s a catch: there’s only one reservation available.

Between August 1-31, the lucky guest can enjoy the 1930s home and its luxe amenities, including a large saltwater pool, a basement pub, a game room, and a gym.

As with AirBnb’s previous unique stays, the chosen guests will need to organise getting to and from the mansion, since travel isn’t included in the price.

Since the five-bedroom, seven-bathroom abode is usually a family home, stays are strictly limited to five people or fewer with no outside guests allowed.

The stay comes after another home featured in the trilogy hit the market earlier this year, and is still available to purchase for a whopping €6 million ($AUD 8.78 or $NZD 9.77 million).

To be in the running for a stay you can’t refuse, apply to book by 3am AEST (or 5am NZST) on Thursday, July 28 via the Airbnb website.

Images: Getty Images / AirBnb

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