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How much leftover cash does the average Aussie have in their bank?

How much leftover cash does the average Aussie have in their bank?

For some, home ownership is a reality too far away to dream of.

It seems however, young Aussies are not alone in this thought.

A new poll by Finder.com has revealed that combined, the average Aussie has just under $32,800 for a rainy day.

Most people have kept their expenses down during lockdowns, so the figure is up about $5,000 currently.

Finder also analysed the data and found out the average earnings and leaving expenses in each state to figure out where Australians have the most disposable income.

ACT has the most disposable income per capita, with an average of $2899 left over after paying for living expenses like rent, food and bills.

Western Australia ($2832) and Victoria ($2794) come in second and third place for the most amount of disposable income per person per month.

NSW was $2602, while Queensland was $2358.

Northern Territory have the least amount of leftover cash, with an average of $1635 per person per month.

Kate Brown, personal finance expert from Finder.com.au says that some states are just plainly more expensive.

“Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world for property, but is also home to some of the highest wages in the country,” Ms Browne told realestate.com.au.

“The best way to increase your disposable income and boost your savings is to cut your expenses and increase your earnings.

“Of course, this is easier said than done.”

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