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See all the rooms from The Block that didn’t make it to air

See all the rooms from The Block that didn’t make it to air

It turns out there were a lot of rooms that didn’t make it to air on this season of The Block, and we’ve finally been given a look at all the work the teams did that we didn’t get to see on TV.

The never-before-seen rooms include a fourth bedroom from winners Mitch and Mark, another bedroom, bathroom, rumpus room, stairs, and second storey hallway from Kirsty and Jesse, and changes to Josh and Luke’s living and dining rooms, fourth bedroom, and wine cellar/home cinema.

Mitch and Mark added a glass catwalk above the stairs to the basement, which lets light flow through to downstairs. Meanwhile, their fourth bedroom is in keeping with the pared back aesthetic used throughout the rest of the house, utilising neutral tones to create a room that suits any taste and can be easily transformed.

Josh and Luke managed to fix their entryway, and switched the locations of their living room and dining room per the judges’ suggestion. The living room features an entertainment unit made by Christian Cole, who also designed the dining table and kitchen benchtop.

As for the twins’ fourth bedroom, they removed the en suite to make a bigger bedroom, and added a bed, which is tucked behind a wall. To replace the en suite, they added another bathroom behind the garage. They also revamped their wine cellar/home cinema, which judge Shaynna Blaze described as a “festering pit of negativity”. They added a pool table and a cosy-looking sofa and armchairs.

They also reworked their second guest bedroom, changing textures and colours to better complement those used in the rest of the house.

Kirsty and Jesse had the largest, and only two-storey, property on the show, so they naturally completed more rooms than were shown to the judges. The staircase that leads to their second floor is minimalistic, as is their rumpus room, in order to show buyers how it can be transformed.

The couple’s bathroom is a simple design that allows the owners to put their own stamp on it once they move in, and includes lots of storage. For their fourth bedroom, they kept the blue and white Hamptons palette seen throughout the rest of the house.

All of the homes are located on Bronte Court in Hampton, Victoria, and are roughly priced between $2.6 million and $2.8 million - $450,000 above the area’s median house price of $2.15 million.

Image: Channel Nine, Don Arnold/WireImage

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