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Entire Knox team stood down after abusing female players

<p>Knox Football Netball Club (KFNC) has stood down its entire mens development indefinitely, following reports of their "inexcusable behaviour" towards an opposing women's team. </p> <p>Reports emerged this week that players from the Melbourne suburban football club rated and attempted to trip over Donvale's female players as they entered the field last Sunday. </p> <p>“They held out their legs to trip the women over and used the phrases yes, no, mediocre, rating each female player. The players were rightly upset but they played out the rest of the game,” veteran reporter Jacqui Felgate said. </p> <p>“I hope the men that did this … are held to account," she continued. </p> <p>KFNC immediately looked into the incident, and on Thursday announced that the whole team had been “stood down indefinitely pending the outcome of the independent investigation” in an open letter shared on Facebook. </p> <p>They also said: "KFNC recognises that such behaviour is completely unacceptable and does not reflect the values of the club."</p> <p>KNFC will also implement a comprehensive behavioural and domestic violence education program across the entire club.</p> <p>“Participation in this program will be mandatory for all members, with a ‘no education, no play’ rule in effect,” Knox said.</p> <p>“KFNC is establishing an ongoing partnership with a local family violence shelter for both education and charitable support.</p> <p>“We understand the gravity of this situation and the importance of taking swift and decisive action. We are committed to learning from this incident and ensuring that such behaviour is not repeated in the future.</p> <p>“Our club stands for inclusivity, respect, and safety for all members, and we will continue to uphold these values in everything we do.”</p> <p>Felgate reacted to Knox's open letter and said that the action was “the very least they could do”.</p> <p>“Women play sport — they should not be subjected to abuse on the field, off the field, whatever, on the base of their sex,” Felgate said.</p> <p>A Donvale player also spoke to the <em>Herald Sun </em>anonymously and said that her team were already "uncomfortable" before the comments began. </p> <p>"We all realised what happened a lot of us broke down in tears and just felt helpless," she told the publication. </p> <p>"I’ve had individual men come up to me and say things that aren’t really appropriate but this was a group of 20 men standing, laughing and making comments about us.</p> <p>“The only thing I want to emphasise is the amount of other men from Knox that were around them not saying anything," she added. </p> <p>“Unfortunately I really do believe that men aren’t going to stop behaving like this unless other men call it out, they don’t listen to women.”</p> <p><em>Image: Facebook/ Knox Football Club</em></p>


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