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"I was shaking": Grandmother targeted in horrifying carjacking

<p>A Melbourne grandmother has been left "terribly shaken" after she was targeted in a carjacking in broad daylight. </p> <p>Fay Elisha, 76, had been doing her shopping in Malvern, in Melbourne's south-east, on Monday afternoon when she noticed an "agitated" man who was heckling a group of construction workers. </p> <p>When she got in her car to leave the shopping centre, the grandmother said she was startled when the man began to run towards her and yelled at her to get out of her car. </p> <p>“My eyes froze, my feet froze, I just stood there,” she told <em><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">7News</a></em>. “I just did as I was told, got out of the car, terribly shaken."</p> <p>“He got me by the T-shirt I was wearing, around the neck and just pulled me out because I wasn’t going fast enough.”</p> <p>The carjacker took off in Ms Elisha's Lexus, with witnesses capturing the moment the car rammed other cars on the street that were in the way. </p> <p>Shaken from the incident, Ms Elisha headed into her regular dentist surgery, which is across the road from where the incident occurred, where she was comforted by staff. </p> <p>“I was shaking inside the dental surgery,” she said. “They (the staff) really looked after me.”</p> <p>Police were able to track the carjacker's journey thanks to Ms Elisha's phone, which had been left in the car, which led officers just 2.5km down the road where the offender abandoned the car and tried to break into a home. </p> <p>Elisha said the ordeal was “horrible” and “frightening” but that she was thankful her grandchildren weren’t in the car at the time.</p> <p>“That would’ve been the worst-case scenario for me,” she said. “That would’ve been horrendous.”</p> <p><em>Image credits: 7News</em></p>


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Terrifying moment Matildas soccer star carjacked live on air

<p>A former Matildas player was the victim of an attempted carjacking while being interviewed on national radio.</p> <p>Elissia Carnavas was speaking to Simon Hill on SEN Radio's The Global Game on Thursday night when she suddenly started to scream before the line dropped out.</p> <p>Carnavas, who is a weekly guest on the program, was mid-sentence when she suddenly started screaming as the men surrounded her vehicle.</p> <p>Hill described the ordeal as the 'most terrifying' of his career but confirmed Carnavas was safe and well after the horrific incident.</p> <p>"Shout out to Elissia Carnavas who had an awful experience tonight live on air as thieves attempted to hijack her car. Thankfully, she got out of that situation and is fine," he posted to Twitter.</p> <p>"The most terrifying moment of my career that's for sure, and we're just relieved she's ok."</p> <p>The radio station also put out a statement confirming the situation and reassuring listeners she was okay.</p> <p>"To all who heard Elissia Carnavas on-air, she is okay," the station said in a brief statement.</p> <p>"A scary situation which she has managed to get herself out of. We thank everyone for their concern."</p> <p>Listeners were quick to post about the confronting incident online, with many saying Elissia's screams made their "blood run cold" and the situation was "about as horrifying as it gets".</p> <p>One listener said on Twitter, "Credit to Simon Hill and the Global Game team for handling that moment as well as you can and hopefully [Elissia] has all the support she needs."</p> <p><em>Image credits: Instagram / LinkedIn</em></p>

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