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Three-time Olympian rushed to hospital

<p>Three-time Olympian Vicki Roycroft is in intensive care after suffering a suspected heart attack at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. </p> <p>It has been reported that the 70-year-old equestrian was preparing to participate in an equestrian show jumping competition when she suffered a heart attack and was rushed to Concord Hospital.</p> <p>Vicki’s sister shared an update in the wake of the terrifying incident, informing Vicki’s friends and fans that she had endured a “large tear in her aorta” and according to eyewitnesses had not been breathing for 10 minutes. While she had been stabilised at that stage, she was also in the midst of an 8 hour bypass surgery with doctors who were “amazed with her fitness”, and it would be roughly 3-4 days until they knew exactly how much damage the former Olympian was facing.</p> <p>The medical episode was confirmed by a spokesperson from the Easter Show, who told the <em>Sydney Morning Herald </em>that “the on-site St John Ambulance team attended to her immediately, with treatment also provided by NSW Ambulance paramedics.</p> <p>“The thoughts of the entire Royal Agricultural Society of NSW and horse community at the show are with Vicki and her loved ones at this time.”</p> <p>As news continued to break, support flowed in across Vicki’s social media account, with many also wishing the athlete a happy birthday, who had turned 70 while in hospital. </p> <p>Alongside the well wishes came a further update from Vicki’s partner Neil Trickett, who shared with everyone that their beloved Vicki had had “a brief moment of semi-consciousness” and was “holding her own”. </p> <p>He also reported “she did not squeeze a medical staff member's hand when asked, but maybe was lapsing back into unconsciousness. At this stage she will continue with heavy sedation until possibly tomorrow afternoon/evening, when a decision will be made on whether to allow her to begin to fully wake-up.”</p> <p>Neil added that a full assessment would take place over the coming days to determine any potential neurological deficits Vicki may be facing, but that “Vicki's will and determination, not to mention the incredible medical professionals in whose care she remains, are what will get her through the next few days. That she survived due to a clot that was plugging the tear in her aorta is indeed miraculous.</p> <p>“She is going to be utterly blown away by the good will that is spreading around the country - and around the world - when she wakes up.”</p> <p>And for those worried about the future of Vicki’s career and passion for it, he had an optimistic answer, explaining “if that [the support] was all it took to get her back to full strength, she'd be riding tomorrow. It may take a little longer, but she WILL be back on the horse.”</p> <p><em>Images: Getty, Shutterstock</em></p>


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Australian to make her Olympic debut at the age of 60

<p>Equestrian Sue Hearn, 60, has become the second oldest Australian athlete in history to participate in the Olympic Games for the first time. Her Rio debut comes 16 years after she missed her chance at the Sydney 2000 Games, at which she was a reserve.</p> <p>Hearn replaces Kelly Layne as Australia’s dressage hopeful after the latter was forced to withdraw due to her horse’s serious injury. “LLOYDY [Hearn’s warmblood gelding] and I are off to Rio!” she wrote on Facebook. “Thank you everyone for your support!”</p> <p>Despite being the second-oldest debut Olympian (after 61-year-old Harold Brooke participated in his first games in 1960), Hearn isn’t the oldest member of the Australian team. Fellow equestrian 61-year-old Mary Hanna has Hearn beat as she prepares to compete in her fifth Olympics. On the other side, their youngest Olympic hopeful is just 16 – footballer Ellie Carpenter.</p> <p>With a whopping 410 members, this year’s team is the fifth largest in Australian Olympic history, but still well behind the record 632 athletes at the Sydney Games. Australia has medal hopefuls in every category in Rio, save fencing and handball, and are aiming to top the last Games’ tally of eight gold medals in London, which landed themin eighth place.</p> <p>We wish all our Kiwi Olympic hopefuls the best of luck in Rio!</p> <p><strong>Related links:</strong></p> <p><a href="/news/news/2016/07/rio-athletes-village-uninhabitable-two-weeks-before-olympics/"><strong><em><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Rio Olympics athletes' village deemed uninhabitable</span></em></strong></a></p> <p><a href="/news/news/2016/07/suspected-terror-plot-at-rio-olympics/"><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><em><strong>10 people arrested over suspected terror plot at Rio Olympics</strong></em></span></a></p> <p><a href="/travel/travel-tips/2016/05/experts-warn-postpone-or-move-rio-olympics-to-prevent-zika-catastrophe/"><em><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Postpone or move Rio Olympics to prevent Zika catastrophe, warn experts</strong></span></em></a></p>


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