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5 things NOT to pack on a cruise

5 things NOT to pack on a cruise

We’ve all been guilty of over-packing in the past, and apart from it being annoying, it can also be hazardous. Whether they're banned by cruise lines officials for safety reasons or said to be unnecessary items by seasoned cruisers, think twice about bringing the following items on board. 

1. Appliances

Coffee makers, hot plates and that clothes iron you have your eye are all a definitive no go. Remember, cruise lines have strict rules to prevent fires and leaving these items at home wont impede your experience. There are laundromats and plenty of cooked food on board.  If you’re still concerned, purchase a wrinkle releasing spray and make use of garment bags.

2. Weapons and restraints

It goes without saying that you should leave your nunchucks at home, but even your Swiss army knife might not make it through. Most cruise lines allow passengers to bring knives on board, as long as the blades are less than four-inches long. But in this age of heightened security awareness, we've heard plenty of stories from passengers saying airport or ship security gave them the stink eye and confiscated the item, however essential they argued it was. Remember, the bartender will be there to open your beer, and you probably won't have a need to saw anything in the wilderness.  

3. Spirits

Passengers are beholden to a cruise line's bar prices, don't think you can get around overpriced drinks with a BYO mentality. If you're discovered sneaking alcohol on board, you might be shamed in front of fellow passengers and made to report to the captain. The good news in that wine is usually allowed.

4. Multiple books

Of course, make sure your holiday read is right where you want it, but don’t bother binging lots of options. Ships have libraries, and passengers are often surprised by the quality of the selections. 

5. Toys that will get you in trouble

The general rule here is if you have to think twice, it’s probably not okay. Packing a deck of cards or a game that can easily fold up into your luggage is always a safe bet but kites, Segway’s, hover boards or motorised cars should be left at home. 

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