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Final tuning for Pacific Explorer

Final tuning for Pacific Explorer

Pacific Explorer is almost ready to set sail after almost two years of no cruises with one thing left to do.

The ship’s five beautiful pianos have required some fine tuning from piano tuner Carol Johns after the keys were left abandoned during lockdown. 

The five pianos sat inside the ship without sounding a note and professional musician Carol knew it was her time to shine and tune them.

“After nearly two and a half years, they’ve got themselves to under concert pitch so you have to lift them back up to get them in tune,” Carol said.  

“That happens with any piano but it’s exaggerated because of the time and being on a ship is a tough time for a piano. 

“It takes about two hours to tune a piano if you want to make it really beautiful because there are about 88 notes but there are more than 220 strings and they’ve all got to be tuned, some of them more than once.”

Before cruises were banned from Australian shores, there were regular “ship calls” to ensure the pianos were always tuned. 

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