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Ash Barty answers reporters phone in utterly hilarious exchange

Ash Barty answers reporters phone in utterly hilarious exchange

Ash Barty has shared a hilarious moment with the press after taking a reporter’s phone in a press conference ahead of the Adelaide International.

After stunning in the Brisbane singles before getting some time on court in the double and getting through to the final, Barty appeared relaxed ahead of the exciting tournament with the Australian Open just a mere week away.

As she sat among reporters, a phone went off and Barty asked “Does anyone know a Kez, it’s got a grandma emoji?”

However when the response of “yeah, can you put it on Aeroplane Mode” came, Barty decided on a different path.

“Hey Kez,” Barty said, before thinking she’d been hung up on.

“You still there? Hello. Who are you trying to reach?

“It’s Ash Barty, who’s this?

“He left his phone on during a press conference.”

The hilarious moment was heightened when it was revealed the mystery Kez hung up on the tennis star.

“She hung up on me,” Barty said with a shocked look on her face.

While Kez may not be a massive fan of the world no. 1, Roger Federer admitted he is and even gave a few tips to the 23-year-old.

 “She can have a different mindset,” the 20-time grand slam champion said.

“It can relax you and you can really explore all of your potential and that’s what happened to me when I won my first major, and I broke through as world No. 1 after that.

“I thought, ‘Well now I’m the guy to beat and I prefer to be in this position rather than being a contender’.

“I hope that Ash is also going to see it that way.”

“Roger’s done a pretty good job of it over an extended period,” Barty responded.

“He’s the best of the best and has been in that position for a long time, but I don’t think necessarily that he changes whether it’s 1, 2, 3 or 10 next to his name.

“I think for me and my team, we’re trying to take that same approach. Having a number next to your name doesn’t guarantee anything, it doesn’t guarantee wins, you still have to go out there and do the work and get the runs on the board and work from there.

“All you can do is do the best every single match and that’s how I’m going to approach Adelaide, that’s how I’m going to approach the Australian Open and that’s how I’m going to try and approach the rest of my career regardless of the number next to my name.”