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Be a Richard, not a Karen: Kind note touches grieving mum

Be a Richard, not a Karen: Kind note touches grieving mum

A grieving mother has shared a note she received from a kind stranger on a plane after her daughter had a mid-flight tantrum. 

Lindsay took to TikTok to explain her difficult situation, and the understanding passenger who helped her. 

"This weekend, we took our first flight since the loss of our two-year-old daughter."

"Our oldest is very outward with her grief and we found ourselves afraid of the unkind world who might not be gentle with us."

"She had a tantrum mid-flight and we braced ourselves for angry looks but got this instead."

The note Lindsay received from the stranger read, "My name is Richard. I have four kids and I can tell you guys are great parents."

"Patient and kind, the world needs that. Just wanted to say that. God Bless."

The emotional mother captioned the video, "Be a Richard in a world of Karens."

Lindsay posted a follow-up video explaining that her daughter Luna fought a difficult battle over several months with blood cancer, after passing away this July. 

Their older daughter, two-year-old Olive, was Luna's bone marrow donor.

Image credit: TikTok

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