Jemma Newlyn

International Travel

Introvert or extrovert: What kind of traveller are you?

Introvert or extrovert: What kind of traveller are you?

Do you find bliss in big city lights, buzzing crowds and endless hustle and bustle?

Or are you stimulated by the undisturbed, by the secluded corners and fleeting moments of peace? 

Introvert or extrovert: there’s a destination for you.


London for Cornwall

Extrovert: London: Year round, London is an incredible city. It’s the heart of England in art, history, shopping and gastronomy. Incredibly diverse, the city is home to the London Eye, Borough Market, The Tate, Hyde Park and the Queen.

Cornwall: For those tired of the big-city chaos. This rugged coastal county is home to quaint harbour villages, towering cliffs, fresh produce and an english surf culture.


Rio De Janeiro for Morro de São Paulo

Extrovert: Rio De Janeiro: Vibrant carnival parades and a general zest for life: Rio is a destination for the socialite. The city has no shortage of beaches, rolling hills, lively restaurants and samba.

Introvert: Morro de São Paulo: Located on Tinharé Island, this village is completely car free. The coastal town is known for its glorious palm fringed shores, surf breaks and local beach culture. 


Tokyo for Tottori

Extrovert: Tokyo: This unique capital is buzzing with culture, fashion, incredible cuisine and scenic temples and shrines. Let’s be honest, there isn’t much to deter.

Introvert: Tottori: This picturesque seaside city is relatively untouched by tourists. It’s Japan’s least populated district and is buzzing with rock formations, temples, gardens and sand dunes.


Los Angeles and Yosemite

Extrovert: Los Angeles: This sunny Californian city is home to Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Hollywood and all things film industry. Head to LA to see what life is like for the stars.

Introvert: Yosemite: Sierra Nevada’s Yosemite National Park is known for its granite cliffs and sweeping valleys. Head to Yosemite for a scenic nature escape exploring waterfalls and mountainsides.


Paris for Epernay

Extrovert: Paris: Boulangerie breakfasts and bistro dinners. For some, Paris will always be the dream. Meandering cobblestone streets, incredible historic architecture, premier boutique shopping and a vibrant arts culture. It is, after all, the City of Light.

Introvert: Epernay: Of course Paris isn’t everyone’s cafe au lait. If champagne tasting, rolling vineyards, quaint villages and hidden castles are more your thing, head to Epernay.


Bali for Lombok

Extrovert: Bali: An Australian favourite; Bali is known for its rice paddies, beaches, and mountainous scenery.

Introvert: Lombok: If the chaos and inflated western prices of Bali don’t appeal, check out Lombok. This introvert paradise has similarly spectacular beaches and volcanic mountains, some (such as the Gili Islands) are motor vehicle-free.

New York City for Finger Lakes

Extrovert: New York City: This thriving city is home to the famous Empire State Building, Central Park and Time Square. If you’re after a massive array of tourist experiences in a lively city, head to NYC.

Introvert: Finger Lakes: This New York region is known for its sweeping lakes, valleys and vineyards. It’s a great place to relax without the crowds whilst enjoying scenic state parks, wine country and some spectacular waterfalls.


Madrid for Porto

Extrovert: Madrid: Packed with a world-class arts culture, a rich history, mouthwatering tapas, gothic architecture and incredible shopping: this lively city is a destination for the extroverts.

Introvert: Porto: A quiet coastal city in Portugal’s North, Porto is a one hour flight from Madrid. It’s known for its narrow cobbled streets, port wine production, merchants’ houses and boutique cafes. Built for the introverts, Porto is a perfect balance of culture and quiet.


Kathmandu for Pokhara

Extrovert: Kathmandu: Kathmandu is the hub of Nepal. There are endless things to do and it’s the easiest and most accessible city in Nepal. It’s well worth the visit. 

Introvert: Pokhara: As any capital city, Kathmandu can be chaotic. Head to Pokhara for waterfalls, spectacular scenery, clear lakes, hiking, caves and yoga retreats.


Rome for Tuscany

Extrovert: Rome: Cobbled streets and piazzas, ancient columns and architecture, a fascinating history and fantastic cuisine. And of course; gelato. This charming city is impossible not to fall in love with. 

Introvert: Tuscany: Rome can be overwhelming for some. If you’re still after an authentic Italian experience, head to Tuscany. The picturesque region is overflowing with lush landscapes, wineries, enchanting architecture and Italian renaissance. It’s also home to the cobblestone streets and terracotta cafes of Florence.


Byron Bay for Brunswick Heads

Extrovert: Byron Bay: Famous for its incredible beaches, Byron Bay is a popular summer destination with Aussies and foreign visitors. Byron is also home to an animated local community, holding regular festivals and markets, and boasting great family orientated organisations such as The Farm.

Introvert: Brunswick Heads: Byron tends to get a little busy at the best of times. Only 15-minutes drive away is Brunswick Heads. The small beachside town boasts trendy cafes, boutique patisseries and lots of family friendly to-do’s. You can check out the highlights of Byron, but it serves as a great excuse to escape the crowds and explore secluded beaches, winding creeks and wildlife reserves. 


Amsterdam for Utrecht

Extrovert: Amsterdam: This culture-packed capital is home to a massive array of museums and galleries, delightful architecture, a lively arts culture and some pretty incredible Dutch food. 

Introvert: Utrecht: Previously titled ‘the happiest place in the world’, Utrecht is only 40 minutes drive from Amsterdam. Less touristy than its counterpart, the city is laced with winding walkways and medieval architecture. The Old Town is also home to the famous two-level canals.


Haridwar for Rishikesh

Extrovert: Haridwar: This popular pilgrimage spot receives hundreds and thousands of tourists every year. It’s one of the central destinations for the Kumbh Mela (Holy Dip), and is full of heritage, charm, peaceful ashrams and a laid-back lifestyle.

Introvert: Rishikesh: Swap Haridwar for Rishikesh for a more relaxed getaway. The birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh is situated in the Himilayan foothills beside the Ganges and was a favourite destination of the Beatles.


Perisher and Thredbo for Charlotte Pass

Extrovert: Perisher or Thredbo: Skiing in NSW. Let’s be honest, we aren’t spoilt for choice. The hustle and bustle of Perisher and Thredbo consistently cater for the crowd-happy extroverts.

Introvert: Charlotte Pass: But if you’re dying to hit the slopes but hate the chaos of Friday Flat, check out Charlotte Pass. The snow village is Australia’s highest resort, and offers a quiet alternative to Thredbo/Perisher.


Mykonos for Antiparos

Extrovert: Mykonos: This picturesque coastal town is known for its lively summer parties and dance clubs.

Introvert: Antiparos: For a secluded alternative, head to Antiparos. This little island is accessible by ferry, so you won’t bump into too many crowds.


Machu Picchu for Choquequirao

Extrovert: Machu Picchu: This ancient Incan citadel is high (excuse the pun) on every extrovert bucket list. The historic site is situated in Peru’s Andes Mountains, and the city skeleton is famous for its intriguing architectural history and panoramic backdrop.

Introvert: Choquequirao: The crowds in Machu Picchu are conspicuous. Choquequirao sits a little lower, and is similar in both structure and history. It also tends to be much less crowded than its sister citadel, and still provides a rewarding hike.


Positano for Sant'Agnello

Extrovert: Positano: This vibrant cliffside town is one of the Amalfi Coast’s most well-known destinations. The steep streets are lined with lively cafes and shops, and during Summer tourists flock to the colourful village.

Introvert: Sant'Agnello: This beautiful antique town is a neighbour of Sorrento, and tends to accommodate those after a less touristy experience. It’s a perfect spot for the history buffs, and a great base for those keen to explore the Sorrento Coast. You can also score a B&B in an authentic Sorrento lemon grove.


Bangkok for Chaing Mai

Extrovert: Bangkok: Bangkok comes to life after dark especially when the city fills with night markets.

Introvert: Chaing Mai: This mountainous city is located in northern Thailand, and tends to be a little cooler than Bangkok. It’s famous for its beautiful natural scenery, relaxed living pace, calm temples and some of the best Thai food in the country. 


Vienna for Salzburg

Extrovert: Vienna: Check out the influence of residents Sigmund Freud, Gustav Klimt and Mozart, or get lost in the twists and turns of Vienna’s baroque style streets. Be it for art, culture, food or history; this haven of a city is well worth the visit.

Introvert: Salzburg: Home of the von Trapp family, the rolling hills and ornate palaces in Salzburg provide a serene alternative to Vienna. The city shares the magnificent architecture and culture of its counterpart, but on a much smaller and more accessible scale.