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Man purchases home for $1.50 - but there’s a catch!

Man purchases home for $1.50 - but there’s a catch!

A man struggling to enter the property market has revealed how he purchased his home for just $1.50 - but there’s a catch. 

Danny McCubbin, who is originally from the Gold Coast, wanted to upend his life once more and move from busy London. 

On his mind was a quiet, peaceful area where he could enjoy his life – and the small town in Mussomeli, Mussomeli, took his breath away.

“I fell in love with this town,” Danny told

Danny took a leap of faith and bought his home in 2019 for just $1.50 (plus a further 3000 euros for notary and inspection fees). 

However, a condition of the house was that he would have to renovate it within three years of purchase or he’d have to pay a further 5000 euros (AU$7,571) to the government. 

The pandemic threw a spanner in the works, making Danny’s mission to renovate his home almost impossible.

Danny then decided it would be cheaper to purchase another home and renovate that. 

“I ended up buying myself a house for 8000 euros, which is less than the cost of my car. And I spent 5000 on it and renovated that,” he revealed.

“That’s where I live now. It’s a beautiful place, it’s got a view of the mountains, it’s just perfect for me.”

Danny offered his best tips to those looking to do the same: spend time in the city where you plan to buy, see as many houses as you can, bring a friend who knows a bit about engineering, and don’t fall for the view.

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