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Readers Respond: Which tourist attraction disappointed you?

Readers Respond: Which tourist attraction disappointed you?

When you go on holiday the last thing you expect is to be disappointed with your destination.

But that’s the whole point of travelling! You never really know what you’re getting yourself into until you’re there, do you?

To that end, we asked our readers to share which tourist attractions disappointed you the most and – well – let’s just say your responses disappointed US, because we just didn’t expect that.

From the famous Stonehenge to the Trevi Fountain - your responses were quite interesting. 

But hands down the winner’s response just has to be the one from Virginia Lewington who said: “Anywhere with my ex, he spoilt it everytime.”  

Check out other less brutal responses below. 

Lynn Pilling - Paris as a whole. Quite dirty. I had been looking forward to going there for a long time. The hotel room was the size of a closet and my knees hit the wall when I sat on the toilet.

Debbie Van Den Dungen - For me it’s often overseas beaches eg Venice beach, Santa Monica…We are so spoiled for fantastic beaches here in Australia. Also Noumea and Vanuatu- shocked at the rundown state of the towns, bars on windows etc not the paradise I imagined.

Dot Willcoxson - Stonehenge very disappointing.

Tanya Pertot - The Mona Lisa - it was smaller than I expected and I couldn't see what all the “hype” was about - for me there are many works of art that are better.

Sandy Dynon - The Trevi Fountain. It’s small, the building behind makes it look bigger.

Frances Smith - The Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

Sandra Varley Donoghue - Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Bev Hooper - The pyramids near Cairo.

Anita Worsdell - The beaches along the coast of California and Waikiki beach, Hawaii. Australia has the best beaches by far.

Laraine Beattie - Prague. Litter, cigarette butts and everybody seemed to be smoking…two visits the same, but beautiful city otherwise.

Judy Lee Flynn - The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, it was so small.

Lawrence Gray - The Sphinx, badly weathered.

Were you disappointed in an attraction and it wasn’t on the list? Share it here.

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