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See the strawberry moon that shone around the world

See the strawberry moon that shone around the world

Stargazers across the world had plenty to see this week, as the strawberry supermoon lit up the sky.

The moon appeared slightly larger than usual with an orange tint, reaching its peak size on Wednesday night for Australia and New Zealand.

Though called a strawberry moon, the name has nothing to do with colour, instead coming from the Native American Algonquin nations and meaning it is the last full moon in spring or first of summer in the northern hemisphere, per CBS News

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, it was named the strawberry moon to mark the ripening of strawberries that would be ready to gather in June.

Since it is a supermoon, defined as a full moon within 10 percent of the closest distance it can be to Earth, the moon appeared full in the days prior and will for a few more after, according to Space.com.

Here, we've compiled a collection of the most stunning shots of the supermoon from all corners of the world for your viewing pleasure.

Image: Gary Hershorn (Getty Images)

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