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To Vietnam and back: Asian seafood journey dubbed "crazy"

To Vietnam and back: Asian seafood journey dubbed "crazy"

A surprised Coles customer has taken her voice to Facebook after discovering something interesting about her seafood. Avid shopper Bronwyn read the small print on a packet of Coles Australian Whiting Mini Fillets, only to discover that the fish was “filleted in Vietnam” despite being made in Australia from at least 95% Australian ingredients.

She questioned why Australian fish is sent all the way to Vietnam to be prepared, only to be sent back to Australia.

“Could someone please explain why this is necessary, to transport Australian fish thousands of kilometres to Vietnam to be filleted?” asked Bronwyn.

“I bought these yesterday noting the Australian Whiting and 95% Aussie ingredients ... Then have just noticed the filleting in Vietnam.

“Not so keen to eat them now. Fresh, I think maybe not. No way of knowing how old they might actually be!”

A Coles spokesperson explained to 7News that the fish has met its “country of origin” obligations with the products packaging.

“All Coles Own Brand seafood including seafood available at the deli, canned Own Brand tuna in the grocery aisle and frozen Own Brand products such as fish fingers have been responsibly sourced since 2015,” the spokesperson said.

“This product uses Australian whiting, which is filleted overseas, but is then crumbed and processed back in Australia.

“In line with our Country of Origin obligations, this is clearly labelled on the front of the pack.

“As always, customers who are unhappy with a Coles Brand product can return it to any store for a full refund.”

Learning this information has put Bronwyn off, saying that the realisation was “crazy”.

“Crazy isn’t it?” responded Bronwyn to Facebook users in disbelief at the new information.

“But how old is the fish now, lol? And how many times has it been frozen?”

Photo credits: 7news