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Why you need to add Copenhagen to your travel bucket list

Why you need to add Copenhagen to your travel bucket list

As international borders have officially reopened and people are heading off on their long overdue adventures, one place that needs to be at the top of everyone’s travel list is the beautiful city of Copenhagen.

The capital of Denmark has so much to offer, from extraordinary architecture, a mouth-watering food scene, and some of the nicest people you will ever meet. 

The stunning culture, amazing scenery and rich history are just a few reasons why Copenhagen should be at the very top of your travel bucket list. 

The architecture

One thing Copenhagen is known for is its amazing and unique architecture that is instantly recognisable to people around the world. 

The harbour that boasts the colourful houses, or Nyhavn (meaning New Harbour), is home to spectacular views and is home to some of Copenhagen’s most delicious restaurants and cafes. 

Other must-see spots in Copenhagen include the Royal Theatre, Royal Residences, the house of Hans Christian Andersen, Frederik’s Church and so many more. 

Nyhavn, or New Harbour. Image credit: Supplied

The Royal Theatre. Image credit: Supplied

The Royal Residence. Image credits: Supplied

The activities

Copenhagen is filled with fun ways to spend the day if you’re looking for something other than wandering around and looking at pretty buildings. 

One thing that everyone in Copenhagen should do is a canal tour which begins in Nyhavn.

These tours are very reasonably priced and take approximately one hour, and are complete with a guide who will point out all the historic monuments that the city has to offer. 

Another spot to pay a visit to is Tivoli: the third-oldest amusement park in the world. 

Whether or not you’re one for rides, the gardens on which Tivilo sits are extraordinary on their own, and are laced with delicious restaurants. 

Tivoli also puts on a pantomime in an open air theatre that has been running since the 1800s. 

If you are looking for a truly unique experience, take a trip to Freetown Christiania, a “free state” that is often dubbed a hippie paradise, that operates independently of the rest of Copenhagen. 

Enjoy the markets and scenery of Christiana, but be wary that there is a strong no photos rule!

The Tivoli carousel. Image credits: Supplied

Freetown Christiania. Image credits: Supplied

The food

Copenhagen has a notoriously famous food scene which is filled with traditional dishes that are a must-try. 

One Danish specialty is known as Smørrebrød, which is a traditional Danish open sandwich. 

Usually served on dark rye bread, Smørrebrød is stacked up with the most delicious toppings, with places that serve the traditional dish offer a range of different toppings. 

Another unusual thing the Danish food scene is known for is their street hotdog stands. 

Similar to what you would find in America, you will find a hot dog stand on every corner of Copenhagen, with each one offering delicious street hot dogs. 

One place all foodies must visit in Copenhagen is Sankt Peders bakery, which offers cinnamon scrolls and delicious Danishes every day of the week. 

Established in 1612, this famous establishment is the oldest bakery in the city and is a hot spot for all travellers to visit. 

Traditional Danish Smørrebrød. Image credits: Supplied

Sankt Peders bakery. Image credits: Supplied

All images: Supplied

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