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Brace yourselves for a week of weather hell

Brace yourselves for a week of weather hell

Get ready for a week of extreme weather with Queensland, NSW, ACT, Western Australia and the NT set for stifling hot summer’s week.


A heatwave is forecast across much of Queensland this week with temperatures expected to reach 40C and not dip below 35C.  In south-east Queensland, there are chances of heavy storms just about every day and temps are only expected to fall around Friday. Northern Queensland will be hot but there’s less chance of stormy weather.


The temperature will reach a high of 32C on Wednesday by the harbour but in the west, expect 35C almost every day and up to 40C on Wednesday.


It will be sunny everyday this week with mercury unlikely to fall below 30C. A high of 33C on Wednesday.


It will be a typical summer’s week in Victoria’s capital with weather changing every day. Saturday is likely to be a hot one at 28C.


Mild summer temperatures of around 22C most days, with possible showers.


Mid-to-high 20s throughout the week with the warmest day likely to be Tuesday.


It’s heating up in the west with the mercury expected to hit as high as 37C on Thursday.


Hot and stormy with temps consistently around the 30C mark. As much as 60mm rain is expected on Wednesday.


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