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Huge Qantas blunder leaves passengers fuming

Huge Qantas blunder leaves passengers fuming

Qantas has apologised after 100 passengers arrived in Perth with no bags due to a baggage belt mishap at Sydney airport.

The mechanical error, which occurred on Monday, meant the bags were not loaded on the same flight.

Journalist Peter van Onselen was among those who were left without their baggage, writing on Twitter to vent his frustration.

“How is this for INSANE INCOMPETENCE by @qantas. Our flight to Perth it was just announced took off with NOBODYS bags. Absolutely unbelievable,” the Sky News Australia journalist wrote.


A Qantas spokeswoman told news.com.au that roughly 100 bags were left behind at the departure airport.

“Due to a mechanical issue with the baggage belt at our Sydney Domestic Terminal, approximately 100 of our customers’ bags did not make it on to their scheduled flights,” the spokeswoman said.

“The backup baggage belt is now operating and the bags have been placed on the next available services.

“We understand delays are frustrating, particularly during the holiday period, and we apologise sincerely to customers for the inconvenience this has caused.”

Later, van Onselen returned to Twitter to compliment Qantas on how they resolved the incident.

“Actually I have to admit @Qantas has handled this debacle pretty well. Bags due shortly and I’ll make my lectures, just!” he tweeted.

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