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Passengers stranded for 14 hours on train ride from hell

Passengers stranded for 14 hours on train ride from hell

While things here might get a little uncomfortable when the weather’s cooling down, you have to spare a thought for the parts of the world that get a proper winter. Never was this more evident than in the UK over the weekend, when the destructive Storm Emma ground trains to a halt, leaving passengers stranded for up to 14 hours.

UK’s Telegraph reports five cross-country trains were forced to stop mid-journey during the wild blizzard, with passengers left to grin and bear the conditions overnight.

Passengers did everything they could to get by, with some playing music on board while others dancing to keep warm.

 “A chap had a packet of biscuits — people shared what they’ve got,” passenger Robert Luther told the BBC.

“It’s fortunate people had winter clothing — it looked like we were going on ski trip,” he added.

“We haven’t had freshwater or heating since 8-9pm. The toilet pans were full up and we couldn’t get off the train either.

“It shouldn’t happen in this day and age, it’s not as if we’ve got three-foot of snow on the tracks.”

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