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How to beat jet lag and get the most out of your holiday

How to beat jet lag and get the most out of your holiday

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to explore somewhere new because you’re just too tired. 

However, a few travel experts have revealed their best tips for avoiding jet lag so you can acclimatise to your new destination as quickly as possible.

The main advice from the experts is to adjust to the local time when you board the plane. They suggest eating and sleeping as if it’s the time at your destination from the moment you get onboard the plane. 

Another tip is having your meals at the times you will be eating once you arrive, as this will help your body adjust, making it easier for you to get in sync.

They even suggest eating before you get on your plane if you can, if it fits better with your new schedule.

Sleep is an important part of acclimatising too. If you’re arriving at your destination in the morning, maximising the amount of sleep on the plane is the priority to make sure you are fresh when you arrive.

However, if you are landing in the evening, it’s best to sleep when you arrive at the same time as the locals.

Sometimes that might mean pushing through to evening if you’re tired, but the benefits for the rest of the trip will make it worthwhile. Try to push yourself to power through in order to get the most  out of your holiday.

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