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How to guarantee an upgrade to first class on your long haul flight

How to guarantee an upgrade to first class on your long haul flight

When booking international travel tickets, most people either focus on the price of the flights or tend to go with an airline they have trusted in the past. 

What a lot of travellers don’t consider is the language used on the booking sites, which can hold the key to deals.

One frequent flyer, Cameron Stewart, has shared his own hot tip he has used to ensure he guarantees a business class ticket for less than the price of an economy seat. 

According to Cameron, adjusting the language settings on an airline's booking website can result in instant savings. 

He shared the tip to his Instagram account, with a picture of him and his partner putting the hack into practice. 

He wrote, “Travel hack!!! Sometimes it pays to learn a language! I played around with the LATAM website months ago and found if I changed the language from English to Spanish - the business class bed seats became cheaper than economy.”

"I used google translate to book my tickets - and here we are about to embark on a 6 hour flight with a bed for a cheaper price than it is in economy!"

According to Cameron, the deals could be down to successfully leveraging the conversion costs of foreign currencies. 

Despite Cameron’s past success with the hack, he said the results can be sporadic at best. 

"With airline pricing going up and down, sideways and in circles on a daily basis – it sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't. It's worth checking out though — and you learn the Spanish word for 'passport number'!" he jokes.

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