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Mum shares “life-changing” advice for travelling with kids

Mum shares “life-changing” advice for travelling with kids

When it comes to travelling with kids, it's no secret that airports and planes are notoriously difficult environments. 

Luckily, one seasoned traveller and mother of two has cracked the code to make the journey much smoother. 

TV host Samantha Brown recently took to Instagram to share her ultimate travel hack to ensure a seamless flying experience with children, and it has gone viral with over 3.5 million views.

"My twins are now 9, I've been putting them on planes since they were 2 months. I learned the hard way so you don't have to," Brown captions a video sharing the tip, which she claims "saved her marriage".

For the hack to work, you will need at least two adults to utilise the chaotic pre-boarding call for families. 

Instead of heading on to the plane with the whole family in one go, Brown suggests doing it in two stages instead.

"Partner number one uses the pre-board to load all the stuff onto the plane, the bags, the strollers etc," she explains.

"Partner number two waits in the gate area with the kids, keeps them worn out, walks them around and does not board until the very last zone is called. You then walk your children on board, get them settled, and the plane will hopefully leave 10-15 minutes later."

By doing this, parents can avoid being stuck in their seats with restless kids while they wait for everyone else to board. 

"If you use the pre-board, your child is sitting in the plane for a good 45 minutes more than the flight time," Brown continues. "This is a really stressful time for kids, they have bags going over their heads, people are really stressed and they can feel it.”

"What happens is once they get to a cruising altitude for 30,000ft, that's when the child releases that stress they've just felt."

Brown's post was flooded with comments from grateful parents thanking her for the "genius" advice.

"I think I'm going to nominate you for a Nobel Peace Prize for this," one person commented.


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