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Readers respond: What is the best local food you've had while travelling?

Readers respond: What is the best local food you've had while travelling?

We asked our well-travelled readers which country they found their favourite food in, and the responses flooded in from every corner of the globe.

From pizza in Italy to street food in Singapore, here's where our readers found the most delicious cuisine.

Kerry Dalgleish - There are so many but paella in San Sebastian stands out in memory. Excellent food, wonderful company and days that enriched my life.

Grace Boland  - We moored at a little beach in the Greek Islands - near Santorini. There was a guy cooking Lobster on a BBQ. It was amazing and only $10. Delicious!!

Bob Correia - Biscuits and gravy in Topeka, Kansas. I stayed an extra day while passing through so I could have it again for breakfast!

Terry O'Shanassy - Mackerel and chips at Cairns.

Lorraine Waterson - Street food in Singapore.

Carol Cooper - Grilled sardines on the beach in Fuegirola south Spain washed down with a nice cold beer.

Marice King - A simple cheese, tomato & basil pizza in Venice eaten by the canal with a glass of vino.

Colin May - In Robe, south East SA. Freshly caught crayfish, straight off the boat. Cut in half and smeared with wild garlic. Washed down with a local SA Ale.

Jenny Canals - Barbecued sardines on the beach in Badalona, Spain. Cooked by the fishermen at the annual sardine festival. Washed down with a warm rum.

Annette Taylor - Pastries in Brussels.

Lesley Wethers - Souvlaki bought off street corners in Greece and curries in Delhi, India.

Elizabeth Sorensen - Waffles in Belgium.

Patricia Tebbit - Clam Chowder in Boston.

Kathie Gambuto - Palermo, Sicily at a local seafood restaurant. The fixings were wonderful and we picked our own fish out of a tank.

Jon Harmer - Bangers and mash with squishy green peas in a London pub.

Krissy Pappis - Lobsters in Cuba, so so good! We pigged out every day.

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