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Sam Burgess choked out SAS instructor during challenge

Sam Burgess choked out SAS instructor during challenge

Claims have been made that former NRL star Sam Burgess choked out an instructor during the filming of SAS Australia.

Reports say Burgess, who is one of 18 celebrities who will appear on the second season of SAS Australia, choked an instructor during an “intense” kidnapping exercise.

According to Fox Sports, one of the challenges on the show saw Burgess along with seven other celebrities being “kidnapped” by two SAS instructors.

“Sam took matters into his own hands, ordering [John] Steffensen to pull the handbrake,” Fox Sports’ James Hooper claimed.

“Burgess reached over and put the soldier in a head lock, choking him out, before climbing in to the driver’s seat and taking the wheel.”

Reports say the point of the exercise was to see which of the other contestants would step up and set the other hostages free after they were thrown in as car that was driven up to speeds of 100km/h.

Hooper says SAS instructors and producers were left “dumbfounded”.

The ambulance was reportedly called.

A Channel 7 spokesperson said: “The new season of SAS Australia, coming soon to Channel 7 and 7plus, is the most gruelling course in the world to date.

“All participants will be pushed to their limits like never before.”

The Burgess report follow after SAS Australia chief instructor, Ant Middleton, admitted Kyle and Jackie O that the cast from season two pushed his buttons.

“There’s been some tears, there’s been aggression,” Middleton said on KIIS FM in May.

“But I shut them down straight away.

“You get a different setting, a different group of people and personalities and it’s gonna be a different show, but a lot of people still pushed my buttons,” he said.

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